Benefits of Dental Implants

Published on 15/11/2014

Dental Implants have become very popular treatments in Essex for replacing missing teeth partly due to the fact that most dentists consider them to be the best treatments for replacing missing teeth.

Leigh Dental Centre is proud to be offering Dental implants to all suitable patients. A dental implant is a cylindrical and/​or tapered post usually made of titanium, which serves as a substitute for the tooth root.

The Benefits of Dental Implants include:

Built to last

Dental implants are a long-term solution. Traditional, tooth-supported dental bridges only last five to seven years, and with proper care often more than 10 years, but at some point they may need to be replaced. While dental implants may need periodic adjustments, they can last a lifetime when properly placed and cared for over time.

Protect healthy bone

Leaving empty spaces in your mouth after losing some teeth can lead to oral health issues, such as the loss and deterioration of some of your jawbone. Dental implants are the only dental restoration option that preserves and stimulates natural bone, actually helping to stimulate bone growth and prevent bone loss.

Helps you speak easily

Adjusting to dentures can make speaking and pronouncing some words difficult. This is not the case with dental implants because they function like normal teeth.


Implants are a safe, reliable and tried and tested treatment. They will last as long as you take good care of them with occasional adjustments.


Considering that dental implants cost on average £1000 to 2500 per treatment and could last for many years it gives you peace of mind to know that you would not have to spend that amount again on it if done professionally.

At Leigh Dental Centre we offer interest-free credit to help our patients considering dental implants to spread the cost of that treatment. Our dentists are also highly experienced to provide this treatment. 

Implants Vs Dentures

Dentures are made by creating either an acrylic (plastic) or chrome (metal) base and onto these composite teeth are added in a shade to match your natural teeth

What are the advantages of Dentures?

  • Dentures can be made to replace either a few or all teeth on your upper or lower jaw

  • Dentures allow further teeth to be added following future extractions

  • Dentures improve your appearance and bite

  • Dentures can be fitted immediately after a tooth is extracted so no one will even know you are missing a tooth

  • Dentures are suitable for most people

  • Dentures are less expensive than implants

What are the disadvantages of Dentures?

  • Dentures can take time to get used to and you will need to practice in order to be able to speak and eat with confidence

  • Dentures do not support the jaw so you will notice bone loss over time

  • Dentures will need to be remade and relined as the shape of your jaw changes over time

  • Dentures will need to be replaced every 7 – 8 years

If you would like to find out more about dentures or implants call Leigh Dental Centre today on 01702 472929.