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Published on 07/01/2020

If you would like to make 2020 the year you start to budget for your dental treatment, Leigh Dental Centre are pleased to be able to offer Denplan monthly payment plans. 

At Leigh Dental Centre we offer Denplan Care and Denplan Essentials. So, no matter what you are looking for we will have a plan to suit your lifestyle and your budget. 

Denplan Care

Denplan Care is a monthly payment plan based on your current oral health.

Payment is between £15.39 and £42.64 a month and this will cover you for all your routine and preventative dental treatment. This includes check-ups, hygiene treatments, x‑rays, necessary fillings and extractions. You will also only have to pay the laboratory fees for crowns, bridges, veneers or dental implants. Denplan Care does not cover prescriptions, any treatment excluded from your contract, referral to a specialist, teeth straightening, dental implants or cosmetic treatment.

By attending the dentist regularly, it is possible to spot and avoid dental problems before they happen, protecting your teeth and therefore saving you from extensive dental restorations. Denplan Care allows you to keep your teeth in excellent condition without worrying about unexpected bills and allows you to receive treatment fast in the event of a dental emergency.

Denplan Essentials

We offer 2 different Denplan Essentials Plans, which cover you for your routine dental check-ups and hygiene treatments. Alongside this you will also receive 10% off any additional treatment you require. 

Denplan Essentials does not cover the cost of any restorative dental treatments, laboratory fees and prescriptions, referral to a specialist, teeth straightening, dental implants or cosmetic treatment.

This plan allows you to ensure that you can keep up with the habit of regular check-ups, enabling the dentist the spot and avoid complex and expensive dental problems before they happen. The dentist is also able to provide you with advice and techniques to ensure that you always have the best tools to keep your teeth in excellent condition.

All the plans are paid for by a monthly direct debit, with a one-off joining fee of £15.00, allowing costs to be spread into easy, manageable amounts, spread over the year. This will allow you to very clearly budget for you dental care and help to prevent any nasty surprises. Denplan also covers emergency out of hours treatment call out fees whether you are at home or abroad, although with Denplan Essentials you will still have to pay for any treatment required.

If you are interested in finding out more details of any of our plans, do not hesitate to call the surgery on 01702 472929 or ask one of the team at our next visit. 

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