Keeping teeth straight after braces

Published on 02/09/2023

Having gone through the time, effort and expense of teeth straightening, the last thing you want is for your teeth to move once your braces are removed. In this month’s blog we look at some top tips to ensure you keep your smile looking great when your braces come off.

Wear your retainer

The easiest way to prevent your teeth from shifting is to wear your retainers. Retainers can be either fixed or removable. If your retainers are fixed, then you will not need to worry as they will always be there. If you have removable retainers, you will need to initially wear your retainers all the time, removing them only to brush your teeth and when eating. Over time this will be reduced to just nights. 

Act if you notice your teeth are moving

Act if you notice your teeth are moving

If you notice that your teeth are moving, it is important that you act right away. Your teeth may be moving for a variety of reasons, even if you are trying to wear your retainer as you should. By attending for an appointment quickly the dentist will be able to fix or remake your retainer to ensure that your teeth do not move any further.

Take care of your teeth

Looking after your teeth will help to ensure you keep beautiful, even rows of pearly whites. Having your braces removed does not mean you can be lax with your oral hygiene and you will still need to brush and floss regularly to maintain your gum health and keep your teeth healthy. If you do not take proper care of your teeth, then they are at risk of decay. This decay can eat away at your teeth and cause them to become damaged. If the shape of your tooth changes, due to decay, then the rest of your teeth may shift around it. By going in for regular dental examinations with your dentist, you help ensure that your teeth remain in good health, thus reducing the risk of your teeth shifting due to damage or decay.

Visiting Leigh Dental Centre regularly after getting your braces off can help to ensure your teeth are where they need to be. They will also inspect your retainer at this time and make any necessary alterations. Call 01702 472929 and book an appointment for teeth straightening review today.