Smoking Cessation

Published on 15/11/2014

October marks the start of this year’s Stoptober campaign, will you be one of the thousands of people to ditch cigarettes for 30 days?Still not sure read on to find out the damage cigarettes can be causing to your mouth, teeth and gums.

Smoking can lead to:

  • Tooth staining
  • Gum Disease and Tooth Loss
  • Mouth cancer

Tooth staining

If you smoke you may notice yellow staining on the surface of your teeth caused by the nicotine and tar found in tobacco, over years this can accumulate to a point where your teeth can appear almost brown.

Gum disease and tooth loss

Gum disease is caused by a build-up of plaque. Plaque is the film of bacteria which builds up on the surface of teeth every day.

People who smoke are more likely to suffer from gum disease. Studies have shown that smoking may increase the number of harmful bacteria present in plaque causing gum disease to progress more quickly than in non-smokers.

You are also unlikely to experience the most common warning sign of gum disease, bleeding gums because smoking reduces the flow of blood to the gums and supporting tissue. This is why it is especially important that you should attend the dentist for regular check-ups if you smoke as they will be able to spot the early signs of gum disease and initiate early and effective treatment.

If left untreated gum disease can progress causing inflammation, abscesses and in the long term the bone supporting the teeth can be lost.

Gum disease is the most common cause of tooth loss in adults

At this practice we are able to offer Air Polishing with our hygienist, to give you fast and effective stain removal and help prevent gum disease. It is a gentle procedure which can remove 100% of plaque build-up present on teeth, reducing the risk of gum disease and tooth loss when coupled with an effective at home oral care régime.

Mouth cancer

Many people know that smoking can cause lung and throat cancer but it is also one of the leading causes of mouth cancer too. There are around 6,500 people diagnosed with mouth cancer each year and the numbers are increasing. Smoking is one the main risk factors associated with mouth cancer so by stopping smoking you are able to reduce the risk of developing this form of cancer.

At each check-up your dentist will perform a full mouth examination looking at the inside of your mouth and tongue, with early diagnosis and treatment the survival rates for mouth cancer are good.

Still not convinced?

Not only will you experience the health benefits of stopping smoking, with the average person smoking 364 cigarettes a month you could save £141.00, that’s £1692.00 over the course of a year! For more information on stopping smoking please speak to the dentist on your next visit or go to www​.nhs​.uk/​s​m​o​k​efree

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