CFast Braces


Are you concerned about your teeth when you smile? In a few months you could have the perfect smile.

Cfast is ….
Fast – Straight teeth could be achieved within six months
Discreet – The aligners are almost invisible
Affordable – The aligners used and the reduced time it takes to get straighter teeth helps reduce the cost.

Cfast teeth straightening system is a gentle and simple, minimally invasive teeth straightening system which straightens the top and bottom teeth.

Cfast uses clear brackets and tooth-coloured nickel titanium wires. The treatment works much like using clear aligners however the tooth movement is predictable and quick

The nickel titanium wires put gentle pressure on the brackets to level the teeth with little discomfort to you. The gingiva follows the movement to help achieve an overall better outcome.

Thousands of patient in and around the UK have successfully straightened their teeth using the Cfast system.

Cfast is fast, effective and affordable and usually within 6 months most patients will have straighter teeth than they originally had.

Cfast takes less time than the conventional orthodontic treatment because it focuses on the front teeth that really show when we smile.

We provide 0% finance options to help interested patients spread the cost of cfast treatments if they wish and we also regularly have special offers on this treatment.