Fixed Braces

Looking to straighten your teeth with affordable fixed braces? Leigh Dental Centre, your local dentist in Southend and Leigh on sea can help you to achieve your perfect smile.

Fixed braces are the most common form of teeth straightening appliance. They involve gluing brackets individually to each tooth and these are then linked together with wires. They are usually made out of metal and so will be noticeable on the front of your teeth. They can be used to correct problems with a number of teeth, including overcrowding, over bite or under bite.

Once in place you will need to follow a strict oral hygiene routine to reduce the risk of gum disease and tooth decay and you will also need to be careful what you eat and drink, avoiding toffees, hard sweets and fizzy drinks, which may all damage your appliance and your teeth.


  • Guarantee straighter teeth: fixed braces do not require any patient compliance, once they are in you can just leave them to do their work.
  • Shorter treatment times:  fixed braces enable more precise tooth movements as the brackets are exactly positioned to correctly move teeth.
  • Strong and durable – fixed braces rarely break, ensuring you keep trips to the dentist to a minimum


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