Simple New Year’s Resolutions for your oral health


Now all the festivities are over, and the tree and decorations have been packed away for another year, it is now time to start thinking about what we want to accomplish in 2021.

If over the past few weeks or months, you have been neglectful of your oral health, the team at Leigh Dental Centre have put together some New Year’s resolutions for excellent oral health.

Get into a regular brushing and flossing routine

Jan_Blog_Img_02Prevention is the best cure when it comes to oral health – brushing for two minutes twice and flossing or using other interdental cleaning aids once each day will prevent plaque from developing on and between your teeth, which in turn prevents gum disease and other, more serious, health issues. At Leigh Dental Centre, our friendly dental hygienists can show you the most effective brushing and flossing techniques and help you kick-start a new oral hygiene routine that will keep gum disease at bay.

Cut out the cakes

Christmas is the season of overindulgence, and we often say to ourselves, “That’s it – no more sugary snacks!” Unfortunately, the low-sugar diet rarely lasts and soon we are back to our old unhealthy habits. Research shows that the more sugar we consume, the more likely we are to suffer from tooth decay, which can lead to tooth loss as well as many other health problems. Making simple substitutions, such as adding fruit to cereal instead of sugar, using spices or extracts in recipes, and drinking water instead of fizzy drinks will make a huge difference to your oral health.

Kick the habit

Jan_Blog_Img_03Tobacco causes all sorts of oral health problems, including bad breath, stained teeth, gum disease, tooth loss, and an increased risk of oral cancer. Quitting the habit is one of the best things you can do for your oral health (not to mention your general health) this year. Chewing sugar-free gum may help to reduce cravings – as an added benefit, it also stimulates the flow of saliva that washes away bacteria and neutralises the acids in your mouth after a meal or snack.

Avoid teeth-staining foods

If you are looking for a brighter, whiter smile, try to cut down on foods and drinks that stain your teeth. Some of the worst culprits include tea, coffee, red wine, cola, curry, and soy sauce. You can also give your smile a boost with a teeth whitening appointment at Leigh Dental Centre. We offer both surface stain removal and take-home bleaching options that can make a huge difference to your appearance and confidence levels.

Schedule a dental appointment

Jan_Blog_Img_04Whether you’ve been putting off dental work that you know you need or are simply due for a regular check-up, now’s the perfect time to schedule that appointment. Our friendly and professional team at Leigh Dental Centre take great pride in our gentle and respectful approach to patient care and will make sure you start 2021 with the best possible dental health.

Contact us today,on 01702 472929, to make an appointment.

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