Dental implants – are they for you?

Published on 09/04/2019

Over the past few years, there has been a large increase in the number of people turning to dental implants to help fill gaps caused by missing teeth. They are a safe, long-lasting restoration that is currently as close as possible to your natural teeth.

Prior to any treatment, you will need to attend your dentist for a consultation. At this appointment, the dentist will perform a full assessment of your teeth and gums and will take x‑rays to assess the level of bone in your jaw. If there is not enough bone or it is not healthy enough it may not be possible to proceed with dental implants until you have had a bone graft.

With dental implants being a large investment you should ensure that you have a full and detailed treatment plan prior to the start of treatment. This should give complete details of the treatment to be undertaken and the expected costs. There is the potential for things to change as treatment progresses but if this happens you should be given all the possible options before deciding on how you wish to proceed.

Still unsure about whether dental implants are right for you?

We have looked at the benefits of opting for dental implants over other tooth-replacement methods. These include:

  • Helping to maintain bone levels in your jaw — Placing a dental implant helps to reduce the risk of bone resorption following the extraction and can even promote healthy bone growth to secure the implant in place.
  • Dental implants are independent of your other teeth — Unlike a dental bridge, which is supported by fixing crowns to the teeth on either side of the gap, with dental implants there is no need to damage your existing teeth to fill the gap.
  • Dental implants will last for as long as they are properly cared for — This can be a lifetime. Dental bridges and dentures will need to be replaced after 5 – 7 years so can be more expensive over their lifetime.
  • Dental implants can be used to anchor and stabilise dentures — This means that you will no longer need to worry about your teeth moving when you talk and eat.
  • Unlike dentures, dental implants look and feel like your natural teeth — this means that you will be able to speak with confidence and eat a wide a varied diet without fear.
  • When you having missing teeth this can cause your cheeks to sag and create additional wrinkles — Dental implants help to fill out your cheeks and support your skin. They have the ability to make you look years younger.
  • Cavities can’t occur in an implant-restored crown, or replacement teeth — You will need to attend regular appointments with the hygienist to ensure that there is not a build-up of plaque and calculus around the tooth which if left long term can cause the dental implant to fail.

Dental implants are one of the ways in which you can fill a gap caused by tooth extraction. Here at Leigh Dental Centre we are dedicated to making sure you can smile proud! If you want to discuss if dental implants would be right for your call us today on 01702 472929

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