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Our dental hygienist team can help you to maintain a stunning smile. Regular trips to the dental hygienist can reduce the risk of decay and problems. They provide essential deep cleaning to remove plaque and tartar build up that brushing alone cannot remove.

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Scale and polish deep cleaning
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Brighten your smile with AirFlow Stain Removal

This contact-free treatment allows us to remove surface staining, plaque and tartar without the need for scraping. A jet of water, pressurised air and fine particles gently remove surface staining from all those hard-to-reach areas. This treatment is also suitable for veneers, bridges, dental implants and composite bonding.

Airflow Stain Removal

Why should you visit the dental hygienist?

Brushing and flossing twice a day is great for your oral health, but there will still be spots you miss. Professional cleaning is the only proven way to remove plaque, tartar and surface stains. Regular trips to the dental hygienist protect you from gum disease and tooth decay. It is also the ideal opportunity to ask for advice on caring for your teeth at home or find out more about cosmetic dentistry.

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Scale and Polish 30 mins£68
Airflow stain removal 45 mins£90

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When visiting our practice you know you are visiting the dental professionals trained to the highest standards. You are greeted by our welcoming staff, who share the same aim, to make your visit with us as comfortable and stress free as possible.

More questions?

What is included in a dental hygienist visit?

The course of your visit will be determined by clinical requirements. We’ll start with a full examination to look for signs of gum disease and to screen to oral cancer. You might need a scale and polish, or you might opt for AirFlow Stain Removal. Finally, you’ll have the chance to ask about possible treatments or tips for caring for your teeth at home.

How often do I need to visit the dental hygienist?

You should aim to visit the dental hygienist 1 – 2 times per year. When combined with routine dental checkups, this will ensure that you have the best chance to protect your oral health.

Does the dental hygienist hurt?

No, you shouldn’t be in any pain during your visit. Some patients find the scale and polish or AirFlow treatments uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t hurt. We can use a topical anaesthetic to reduce pain in your gums during treatment. Your teeth might be more sensitive immediately after a deep cleaning, so we recommend avoiding very hot or very cold food.

Will a scale and polish whiten my teeth?

Scale and polish and AirFlow treatments both help to remove surface staining, which can make your teeth appear brighter. However, this will not lift deep-set stains that cause discolouration. On teeth whitening can achieve this.

Do I need a dentist referral to see a dental hygienist?

Dental hygiene appointments in the UK are changing. Not long ago, you needed a dentist referral to book an appointment with a dental hygienist. Now you can enjoy direct access appointments. Simply book an appointment at a time to suit you, no referral required. This is ideal for nervous patients who want to get their oral health back on track. You might find a trip to the dental hygienist to be less intimidating that a full dental checkup.