Teeth Straightening

Caring for your braces

Published on 25/10/2016

With more and more people opting for teeth straightening procedures to improve the appearance of your teeth, whether you have Invisible Braces or CFast follow our top tips to ensure that your braces have the best possible care.

Good Oral Hygiene

You should be prepared for the fact that taking care of your teeth will be more difficult once you have braces. If you have fixed braces you will need to ensure that you clean around all the wires and brackets where food gets trapped. If you have a removable appliance you will be able to take it out prior to eating but it is important that you brush your teeth before putting your appliance back in.

It is incredibly important that you brush your teeth after every meal and clean interdentally. Special oral care products are available to clean around the wires and brackets of fixed braces. They can’t do all the work for you but can help to make the job a little easier. It is possible if you do not follow a good oral hygiene routine, the dentist may need to remove the braces and wait for your gums and mouth to heal before recommencing treatment.

This may seem tedious or excessive, but neglecting your oral hygiene can lead to serious oral health problems, force you to spend additional time in braces, or cause unsightly staining on your teeth. Taking good care of your braces is essential for avoiding complications while they’re on and ending up with great-looking teeth once they’re off. No matter how much money, pain, and time you’ve already invested in your braces, proper oral care is still the key to walking away with a beautiful, healthy smile.

Routine Dental Appointments

It is also important that you attend your dental appointments. These will normally be scheduled every four to eight weeks and allow the dentist to closely monitor your treatment. If you miss appointments treatment will be extended and take much longer to complete.

Get Repairs Quickly

If you break or lose your braces, it is very important that you attend an appointment with your dentist as quickly as possible. While your braces are lost or damaged your teeth can start to move back into their original position or increase your treatment time.

Foods to Avoid

If you are wearing Invisible Braces you will still be able to eat a full and varied diet as you will remove your braces prior to eating. If however, you have CFast braces you will need to avoid eating anything sticky or chewy that may get stuck in your braces. It is also a good idea to avoid crunchy apples, carrots and other hard foods that may break the wires on your braces.

Along with avoiding certain foods, you’ll also want to watch what else you put in your mouth when you have braces. Nail biters or pen chewers can damage their braces quite easily. Crunching down on other hard objects, such as ice, can also spell trouble.

If you have any questions or would like more help and advice on caring for your braces do not hesitate to ask the dentist on your next visit to the surgery. Call Leigh Dental Centre today on 01702 472929 and book a consultation.

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